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Raskin Donates FloorNation to Home of Active-Duty Marine

Raskin Donates FloorNation to Home of Active-Duty Marine

Deerfield Beach, Fla.—Summer is the season of patriotic holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. At the same time, it’s the time of year that many people take the opportunity for home improvement projects in between barbecues and trips to the beach. With that, the team at Raskin Industries decided to help with a summer home remodel and lent a hand to one of our country’s brave servicemen.


Earlier this year, Raskin connected with Gunnery Sergeant Jeffrey Boyer of the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, better known as MARSOC, for a home renovation project. Boyer finds himself working on projects throughout the house when he’s not deployed (he recently returned from his fifth tour in the Middle East) and this summer saw the revitalizing of two main areas of the Boyer home: the dining room and the living room. He lives in Wilmington, N.C., with his wife, Lara, a personal trainer, and their six-year-old son Gunnar.

 the Boyers landed on Pride from the FloorNation collection, a flooring line that is exclusively made in the USA. FloorNation is ideal for an active home as it comes standard with Raskin’s G88 ceramic coating system which delivers unparalleled stand resistance, and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Pride’s 20 mil wear layer and lifetime residential warranty mean nothing can stand in the way of maintaining its beautiful, natural-looking wood visuals.
“This floor is a dream floor,” the Boyers said of FloorNation Pride. “It’ll last as long as we’ll be in this house—and we have no plans to move any time soon. It’s so much more aesthetically pleasing and much cleaner than the carpet and laminate we had before. Also, we know it’ll stand up to our two dogs and an active child. We just love how clean it is and the durability.”

Local flooring contractor Carolina Commercial Floorcovering donated time and services to get the install in the Boyer home completed. Raskin connected with Dan Brock, Carolina Commercial president, who handed the project over to contractor Tim Dupree and installer Bryan Jones.

“The install was fast and easy,” the Boyers explained. “In a day and a half, the main areas of our living space were done. There was minimal prep and getting the floor down seemed effortless. We love the fact that it’s made in the USA. We had a scare with big box laminate made overseas that we had installed in our dining room and foyer; we keep non-toxic products in our home.”

The Carolina Commercial team added, “We are thankful for the opportunity to share in this project. It was an honor to provide the installation for such a deserving family; they were very helpful to us during [the project]. We would also like to thank Raskin for providing the FloorNation product that was not only easy to install but looks beautiful. We know the Boyers are very happy with it.”
Michael Raskin, founder and CEO of Raskin Industries, said, “We get to live our lives and conduct business in a free society because of brave men like Jeffery Boyer and to have our floors in his family’s home is truly an honor. We are so happy to give the Boyer family a refreshed interior with floors they can count on and that are proudly made in the USA. Providing peace of mind is priceless.”

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Contact: Jenna Rehberg

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